Marin Residents PAC

Marin Residents PAC is the policy advocacy component of the Marin Residents organization. We advocate for fair and equitable policies regarding housing providers, homeowners and renters in Marin County.

In 2019 Gov. Newsom help to pass AB 1482, the ‘Tenant Protection Act’. We support this act as it currently governs many aspects of housing provider – tenant interactions. We believe that most ‘extra’, local rent control hurts homeowners, housing providers and renters alike. It disincentivizes the creation of more rental housing and works against housing affordability.

The Marin Residents is a grass-roots organization is comprised of ‘mom & pop’ housing providers in Marin. We ask for your support to help our education and advocacy outreach. Any amount is appreciated.

As Marin Residents PAC, we adhere to all of the requirements pertaining to contributions and disclosure. These rules may be different depending on the amount you contribute. If you have contribution questions, please reach out to us at

Please contribute below. Thank you very much for your generosity.