San Anselmo Referendum

The supported the organization and implementation of the referendum to oppose the imposition of extra rent control (‘rent stabilization’) in San Anselmo. We work hard to advocate for housing provider protections, property owner rights and voting rights on all issues.

As of May 2, the residents of San Anselmo led by Mayor Burke and supported by the have collected over 1500 signatures (153% of needed) to stop the implementation of the ‘rent stabilization’ part of extra rent control, and potentially move it to the ballot in November.

But the fight is far from over. On May 14th, through the urging of the DSA (Democratic Socialists of America), the second part of rent control, ‘just cause’ will be up for discussion. This part of extra rent control regulates landlord-client interaction, lease duration, sub-leasing and the onerous ‘treble (triple) damages’.

‘Just Cause’ is the part that most mom & pop housing providers dread, and has caused many to rethink being in the residential rental business.

We encourage all rental owners to come to the meeting to voice their concerns and perspective on ‘just cause’. And if the 3 members of the Town Council who are in favor of these terrible ordinances want to not allow the residents to vote on this issue, I would hope that there is the same uproar and condemnation of their actions as there was for the imposition of ‘rent stabilization.’

This ‘just cause’, similar to Fairfax’s which was written by the head of the Berkeley Rent Board, and for example, lays out in fine detail, specific payments to tenants – including the payment to the tenant of 4 months of rent if the owner has to bring in a family member (think aging parent) and switch out the tenant. They also require a one year notification (and the 4 months of rent payment) if the tenant is over 62, and you have to sell your property.

These are only the beginning! The list of additional regulations is long, and the list of ‘housing advocacy’ organizations who want to regulate your property, is even longer.

Check out the DSA’s (Democratic Socialists of America) letter to the Council at:

and the proposed 46 pages of regulations at:

We believe that this will increase the damage that ‘rent stabilization’ has already caused. We look forward to seeing you at the May 14th meeting and hearing your perspective.

The looks to support the residents of San Anselmo, CA in their desire to enact a referendum against an ordinance passed by the Town Council.

The ordinance “Rent Stabilization and Tenant Protections” was enacted by a 3-2 vote of the Town Council over some strong objections by the residents. One major concern is that with an ordinance that has such financial consequences for each resident, whether homeowner, housing provider or renter, the residents feel that they themselves, not solely the Town Council, should have the opportunity to vote on the regulation.


• San Anselmo and all other Marin Communities are under comprehensive statewide rent control – AB 1482 which regulates tenant-housing provider interactions (‘just cause) and a yearly rent cap of 5%+CPI. (‘rent stabilization’)

• On April 9, the SA Town Council passed an ordinance, 3-2 to create extra rent control – a rent cap of 60% of CPI, (40% below inflation).

• The residents were not allowed to vote, one way or another, on this extra ‘rent stabilization’, nor will they be allowed to vote on the upcoming ‘just cause’ part of rent control.

• The referendum stops the implementation of this ordinance until all citizens get a chance vote on it on the Nov 2024 ballot.

• A signature on the referendum petition does not indicate your desire or opposition to extra rent control.  It is just the step needed to bring this onto the ballot for your decision.

Listening to how each resident feels on the issue, common democracy dictates that the people should be allowed to vote before this policy becomes in effect.

The referendum, if accepted, will allow all residents to vote on this policy either for or against, on the November 2024 ballot

Recently, the had an article highlighting Mayor Burke’s stance on the extra rent control ordinance. Her insightful commentary can be read in the article.

We have developed a good informational 1 page document that helps explain what the ballot does and how extra rent control hurts the community. Download it here and print some copies to hand out!

Please get involved by becoming a volunteer to support the referendum, or donating to the efforts to help with affordable housing by repealing this ordinance. Click the Volunteer Menu item to find out how.